Growth Mindset Coloring Sheets

Inspiring a Growth Mindset

Did you know that research has actually shown that when students learn they can develop intelligence with effort and they aren’t just born with their intelligence, they do better in school? Thanks to ClassDojo and Stanford, teachers can easily start introducing this idea to their students. ClassDojo is releasing a set of 5 short videos that introduce the idea that our brains act like muscles – we need to “work them” to grow them. My students love them and are disappointed that we can’t watch more than one at a time! (They are releasing one a week until all 5 are released in mid-February.) Click on the ClassDojo monsters to check them out!

ClassDojo Mindset Episodes

We start every morning with a class meeting to settle into our day and build a sense of community. For the last two weeks, we have started our Mondays with one of ClassDojo’s videos. They include great discussion questions that we talk about together. The students think about their answer, share with a partner, and then have the opportunity to share with the class. To wrap it up, they take home a sheet from ClassDojo with take-home questions to share with their parents.

Student Responses - Class Dojo

I wanted them to remember all of the great things we are learning about having a growth mindset, so I came up with some fun posters to color. We have been coloring one every few days to remind ourselves to have a growth mindset. I tried to leave them pretty open so there was room for them to add their own creative touches. I then encourage them to keep them in their binder, put them up in their house, or post in the hallway for other students to see.

Growth Mindset Coloring Sheets

Are your students learning about having a growth mindset? I’m sharing my posters with you!

Click Here to Get Your Growth Mindset Posters to Color

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Quote-worthy Bookshelf

School bookshelf redo project

A few years ago, I was sick of looking around my very brown room. All of the furniture was some shade of brown and two of the walls have brown chalkboards that take up most of the walls. I asked my principal for permission to paint some of my old furniture. It was furniture that was no longer of “value” to the district, so would never be resold or probably even re-used outside of my classroom if things ever got moved around. I painted a storage cabinet blue, my old mailboxes, and then started in on this tall bookshelf. The bookshelf was an old brown laminate that had definitely seen better days. I primed the bookshelf (two coats) and then painted it dark blue. Then I applied a wall quote sticker (I bought mine at Ebay) and painted over it with a lighter blue (two coats). After about an hour or two, I removed the stickers. The next day, I put two coats of clear Polycrylic over the top to protect it.  It was definitely time consuming to wait for the layers to dry (a day or so between each coat) but definitely worth it! A few years later it is still holding up great! Now the actual shelves that hold the books have seen better days, but the outside looks great!

Such a great quote on this bookshelf