Do you know about neurons? ClassDojo's Growth Mindset Videos

Do your students know about neurons?

Neurons Take-Home Bracelets - Class Dojo Growth Mindset

If you have been following along with Class Dojo’s amazing growth mindset series, you know how much the students are getting into it! My students have LOVED learning about developing a growth mindset and are learning so much! In Episode 4, we learned all about neurons and how we can promote connections between our neurons by trying new challenges! To encourage my students to share their new learning with their families, they decorated these fun bracelets to wear home! Want some for your students? Click the cover picture above!

Do you know about neurons? ClassDojo's Growth Mindset Videos

Class Dojo Big Ideas - Chapter 3 - The Power of Yet

The Power of Yet

My students finished episode 3 today of Class Dojo’s Big Ideas series. We are learning all about developing a growth mindset using these great videos. Today’s episode focused on the “Power of Yet”. We had great discussions about not saying “I can’t do this”, but instead saying “I can’t do this YET!”. Then we watched a fun music video from Sesame Street (only a few students groaned, but they enjoyed it once it started) about the power of yet. My students had such great discussions about the power of yet, that I wanted them to remember to share everything they learned with their family. I created some “Power of Yet” take-home bracelets and was curious how the third graders would take it. Would they complain and think the bracelets were for “little kids”? Surprisingly, they LOVED them! One student even said, do we get to keep these? We quickly colored them and used a stapler or tape to attach them. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of them in action! Sorry! We are expecting a snow storm in Iowa tomorrow and the kids were so wound up by the end of the day – I was lucky to get them out the door on time! You can still download the bracelets to use with your students! There are a few different options and all are meant to be decorated by the children – so there aren’t any extra decorations to them. Click on the cover below to download them for yourself!

Class Dojo's Big Ideas - Episode 3 - The Power of Yet Free Take Home Bracelets



Growth Mindset Coloring Sheets

Inspiring a Growth Mindset

Did you know that research has actually shown that when students learn they can develop intelligence with effort and they aren’t just born with their intelligence, they do better in school? Thanks to ClassDojo and Stanford, teachers can easily start introducing this idea to their students. ClassDojo is releasing a set of 5 short videos that introduce the idea that our brains act like muscles – we need to “work them” to grow them. My students love them and are disappointed that we can’t watch more than one at a time! (They are releasing one a week until all 5 are released in mid-February.) Click on the ClassDojo monsters to check them out!

ClassDojo Mindset Episodes

We start every morning with a class meeting to settle into our day and build a sense of community. For the last two weeks, we have started our Mondays with one of ClassDojo’s videos. They include great discussion questions that we talk about together. The students think about their answer, share with a partner, and then have the opportunity to share with the class. To wrap it up, they take home a sheet from ClassDojo with take-home questions to share with their parents.

Student Responses - Class Dojo

I wanted them to remember all of the great things we are learning about having a growth mindset, so I came up with some fun posters to color. We have been coloring one every few days to remind ourselves to have a growth mindset. I tried to leave them pretty open so there was room for them to add their own creative touches. I then encourage them to keep them in their binder, put them up in their house, or post in the hallway for other students to see.

Growth Mindset Coloring Sheets

Are your students learning about having a growth mindset? I’m sharing my posters with you!

Click Here to Get Your Growth Mindset Posters to Color

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Brag Tags

Celebrating Academic Success!

I am always looking for new ways to celebrate academic success! I love to celebrate their gains and successes – especially when it comes to testing. I read about brag tags through various blog posts and on Pinterest and decided to give it a try! I created a variety of fun academic-themed brag tags. Now, when my students do awesome on a test or improve on something – I can give them a simple, small, tangible reward to remember their accomplishment. I then took it one step further and wanted to give them something to encourage their hard work on our standardized tests. I created test-specific ones to wish them good luck on their tests and to recognize them for trying their best!

Academic Brag Tags to recognize Academic Successes!

I know some teachers hang their brag tags up on a class bulletin board to display their brag tags. My students wanted to keep them themselves, so they have a keychain or necklace to keep them on. Some take them home, some leave them at school. My purpose is solely to reward them for their effort or accomplishments, so I don’t mind if they take them home. Do you want to try out brag tags in your classroom? Start with this fun freebie:

Brag Tags Freebie from Primary Panda

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Photo Booth Fun

Need an activity for indoor recess? Here in the Midwest, winters get cold! Our recess rules state that if the “feels like” temperature is under 0 degrees, we stay inside for recess. The kids love indoor recess, but when you have had indoor recess for a whole week… you need new ideas to fill up the time! Enter the photo booth! I have some clearance dress up items – headbands, sunglasses, pom poms, tiaras, etc. The students get together with their friends and take funny pictures! You can take them yourself or have the students take turns taking pictures with a digital camera or a tablet. What fun things do you do for indoor recess?