Hoar Frost on Branch

Hoar Frost

Yes, you read that correctly! Hoar frost! Hoar frost is that pretty frost that looks like needles or spikes and shows up on trees, fences, garden decorations, and more! I learned about hoar frost as a kid from my best friend’s dad and I still remember learning about it today! I created this fun nonfiction pack to not only learn about hoar frost, but have some fun extension activities for the long month of January! What all is included?

Hoar Frost Nonfiction Pack from Primary Panda

My third graders have loved all of the extension activities this week and are excited to do the research for their hardy plants brochures next week! This pack makes for great sub plans as well!  Check it out on my TPT store!

Tessellation Extension from Hoar Frost Nonfiction Pack by Primary Panda