Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Baseball Multiplication and Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

As we all know, keeping the students engaged during the days before a break is always a challenge. For the second year in a row, our third grade held a grade-wide baseball multiplication tournament complete with a bracket! Our building has three sections of third grade. The three teachers sat down and created 22 groups of 3. We numbered them and used that to create a bracket. We found a 22 team bracket on

Bracket for Baseball Multiplication Tournament

On the day of the tournament we super politely asked the custodian if we could borrow the lunchroom for an hour in the morning (between breakfast and lunch). Then we collected our dice, counters, and game mats. Our game mats are from Everyday Math. Not sure how to play Baseball Multiplication, click here! Then we explained the rules for the tournament to the students: everyone has to participate, take turns, be good sports, and follow our regular expectations. We explained that each team should switch after 3 outs or 3 runs. We shortened it to be able to get through 5 rounds of play. Then we set the students off to play! What were the other students doing when they had a “bye” or were out of the tournament?  We set up some tables with decks of cards for math games, crayons, pencils, clipboards, and plenty of fun math printables. The students loved the new math printables we saved up for this day. Their favorites were these fun “Ugly Christmas Sweater Color-By-Product” sheets!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Color-By-Product

They loved coloring the fun designs in fun color combinations while they practiced their multiplication facts! Then at the end of the tournament, we gathered all of the students together. After we had everyone help clean up, we announced the winners! The winning team received some large foam dice from Dollar Tree to play Baseball Multiplication with at home! The second and third place teams received a fun toy from Dollar Tree as well. The kids loved the tournament and we spent a solid hour practicing our multiplication facts the day before break! It’s a win-win!

Baseball Multiplication Tournament

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