Class Dojo Big Ideas - Chapter 3 - The Power of Yet

The Power of Yet

My students finished episode 3 today of Class Dojo’s Big Ideas series. We are learning all about developing a growth mindset using these great videos. Today’s episode focused on the “Power of Yet”. We had great discussions about not saying “I can’t do this”, but instead saying “I can’t do this YET!”. Then we watched a fun music video from Sesame Street (only a few students groaned, but they enjoyed it once it started) about the power of yet. My students had such great discussions about the power of yet, that I wanted them to remember to share everything they learned with their family. I created some “Power of Yet” take-home bracelets and was curious how the third graders would take it. Would they complain and think the bracelets were for “little kids”? Surprisingly, they LOVED them! One student even said, do we get to keep these? We quickly colored them and used a stapler or tape to attach them. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of them in action! Sorry! We are expecting a snow storm in Iowa tomorrow and the kids were so wound up by the end of the day – I was lucky to get them out the door on time! You can still download the bracelets to use with your students! There are a few different options and all are meant to be decorated by the children – so there aren’t any extra decorations to them. Click on the cover below to download them for yourself!

Class Dojo's Big Ideas - Episode 3 - The Power of Yet Free Take Home Bracelets