Brag Tags

Celebrating Academic Success!

I am always looking for new ways to celebrate academic success! I love to celebrate their gains and successes – especially when it comes to testing. I read about brag tags through various blog posts and on Pinterest and decided to give it a try! I created a variety of fun academic-themed brag tags. Now, when my students do awesome on a test or improve on something – I can give them a simple, small, tangible┬áreward to remember their accomplishment. I then took it one step further and wanted to give them something to encourage their hard work on our standardized tests. I created test-specific ones to wish them good luck on their tests and to recognize them for trying their best!

Academic Brag Tags to recognize Academic Successes!

I know some teachers hang their brag tags up on a class bulletin board to display their brag tags. My students wanted to keep them themselves, so they have a keychain or necklace to keep them on. Some take them home, some leave them at school. My purpose is solely to reward them for their effort or accomplishments, so I don’t mind if they take them home. Do you want to try out brag tags in your classroom? Start with this fun freebie:

Brag Tags Freebie from Primary Panda

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